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What is Teenage Life Programme;

Teenage Life is a programme that goes around Tanzania spreading the word to the youth, about how to deal with problems that are facing young people. The project warns the youth about prostitution, rape, drug abuse, drunkenness and robbery, which are believed to play a significant role in the spread of HIV/AIDS. As it promoting United Nations Millennium Development Goals(MDGs),Culture and using the media in giving the information to the youth.

The Teenage Life Program was born in July 2000 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The founder of this project is Leonard Boniface (Lenny), though it later involved Kolether Raymond after a thought of developing programs on radio and television regarding HIV/AIDS issues for young people and it did not work out due to lack of funding and later these two people volunteered in going in schools, public places and in workshops and address on HIV/AIDS and it made another one Ediwn Kileo the current Project Secretary and a lot of other young people to join the programme and have about 20 alive members and over 500 interesting members and more than five clubs countrywide. Since the year 2000 the programme have done a lot of things including participating in various workshops, local and international conferences such as World Youth Congress 2003 in Casablanca Morocco, Red Cross AIDS Conference 2002 in Gaborone, Botswana, International Youth Conference on Peace and Humanism, Kampala, Uganda, International Youth Parliament 2004 in Sydney Australia and many numbers of the local meetings. Also have done numbers of researches including the Impact of Mass Media in Combating HIV/AIDS in Youth In Botswana Compared to Tanzania” and many activities by corroboration with Dar Es Salaam School of Journalism(DSJ).





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