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To help implement the campaign against HIV/AIDS through the media, organizations and other relevant channels.

To use the news media and live campaigns to make young people in Tanzania understand their role in society and the need to behave according to the moral standards culture and traditions so that HIV/AIDS can no longer spread.

To visit groups of young people and encourage them to do something for their development instead of sitting at mob centers. It will help them to solve their problems through various programs on TV and radio.

To address the United National Millenium Developmenyt Goals (MDGs) which targeted young people in a wide range.

To promote Culture activities, which based in helping the youths and society in many ways included skills, for example youth exchanges, distribution of cultural materials etc.

To visit students, workers and street youths and conduct interviews with them, then inform the public through the media what caused some of them to become involved in unhealthy sexual activities.

Stepping up through writing (Newspapers/Newsletter) and speaking (Radio, TV programmes) the already existing campaign for people to abstain from wanton and unsafe sex.

To organize youth meetings, workshops and seminars on HIV/AIDS.

To record some of the videos and songs regarding HIV/AIDS.

To record stories of behavioral change among youths and to present these in the media.

To participate in youth activities such as concerts, meetings and festivals where can teach young people about the effects of AIDS, prostitution, drug abuse, drunkenness, robbery, landmine and addressing the MDGs.






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