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Teenage Life Programme action plans

(i) Training: Capacity building (Training) to its members on several aspects on HIV/AIDS’ correct and accurate on MDGs.

(ii) AIDS Award: Teenage Life Programme is gearing up at launching its awards on AIDS known as “Tanzania AIDS Fighters Award “(TAFA)which will be given to the people who have shown high degree of interest in combating AIDs in Tanzania.

(iii) Website; which will play a pivotal role of linking up all the journalists covering or interested in HIV/AIDS issues. The website, will as well, act as a venue for information sharing among young people in Tanzania and grobally and a big priority will be given to the People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) to chat to each other and let them know and acces the possible information to make their lives longer

(iv) Newsletter:
The Teenage Life newsletter €“ covers news, issues and articles on HIV/AIDS mostly focusing on behavioral change among the youths and young adults, advices and other related issues. Also providing opportunities information in various fields from allover the world.

(V) Hope Productions:
It is the association’s strategy to set up its own production unit for Radio/Television on HIV AIDS programmes for local stations and they will involves young people living with HIV/AIDS too .

These electronic programmes will be having a particular important role to play in providing the public with accurate information about causes, spread, impact and prevention of HIV/AIDS and all related to youths and have links to the pandemic.

Also the program want to produce The MDGs audio and video productions; This will include to record the audio song and video featuring Tanzanian musician singing about MDGS and HIV/AIDS. It will be presentable song and video in various occasions in local and international levels.







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